Grease is a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows and when this happens, you are going to disrupt your business and have a long-lasting impact on your hard-earned reputation. Sewer backup can increase the health risks and even go to the extent of affecting the water supply. This is why you need to get a solution that will help you prevent these kinds of situations through the cleaning of grease traps. Here are some facts that you will need to know about grease traps. The grease traps are going to be located at the end of water drain lines.

The grease traps usually look so much like septic tanks and they can even be installed by septic tank installers. These are best for establishments that usually serve food so that you avoid plumbing problems. When the wastewater enters the grease trap, the flow is going to be slow enabling it to cool off significantly. This will enable the grease as well as the oils to separate from the water and settle at the top of the grease trap. Only the water will be able to flow through the grease tank and into the sewer as the grease remains behind.  Visit this website to learn more!

As time lapses, the grease and oils is going to build up in the grease trap. This means that you have to clean it out by working with a company that does grease trap pumping. This will enable the plumbing system to run smoothly so that you are able to remove the grease. There are two types of grease traps including passive or in-ground types. The passive grease traps could be placed either inside or outside the kitchen depending on how big it is. The grease traps have components known as receptacles and these are made of either metal or fiberglass. The smaller ones are placed inside the kitchen while the larger ones are placed outside.  Check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/01/garbage-disposal_n_1311053.html to know more about garbage disposal.

In-ground grease traps are buried underground and have larger capacities than those above the ground. These in-ground grease traps are mostly made of metal, concrete and fiberglass. There are also PVC types if you want your establishment to look cleaner. However, during installation, you will have to do way more work as it has to be lifted by machinery because of the size. There are other things you will need also in addition to the grease trap including hydraulic plans, venting systems and back-flow protection fitting. Check this website to know more!


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